• Pit Stop 3.9% 500ml

    (3.9%) Pale, Fresh & Zesty If you’re tired of ordinary beers then it’s time for a Pit Stop. This golden pale ale is loaded with hops to deliver a zesty aroma with a refreshing citrus bite. BEST BITTER at the CAMRA Northampton County Beer Festival
  • Classic IPA 5.6% 500ml

    (5.6%)  Bold, Bittersweet & Tropical A bold traditional IPA, built for endurance. Full bodied, bitter-sweet and slightly smoky, with a powerful hit of tropical fruit for good measure. BEST OVERALL CHAMPION at the CAMRA Northampton County Beer Festival
  • Ignition 3.4% 500ml

    (3.4%) Pale, Floral & Fruity Our pace-setting extra pale ale is low in strength but high on flavour. Supercharged with hops it delivers a strong floral aroma and a full fruity finish.
  • Chequered Flag 4.3% 500ml

    (4.3%) Amber, Malty & Citrusy Engineered with a complex array of malts and hops, this dark amber beer has a sweet chocolate caramel body balanced with a clean citrus finish. BEST STRONG BITTER at the CAMRA Northampton County Beer Festival
  • Octane 4.8% 500ml

    4.8% - Pale, Crisp & Hoppy This premium pale ale is fuelled with extra malts and five hop varieties to provide a clean and crisp beer with more body and a slight toffee sweetness.
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    These premium wooden gift boxes come complete with 3 beers* and a branded pint glass, bottle opener and leather coaster.
    *beer selection may vary
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    Mixed Case

    Can't decide which beer to have or perhaps you like a surprise? Try a mixed case from our range. You'll get a random selection with a minimum of 3 different beers. Available with or without our Branded Pint Glass.
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    Ideal for parties and gatherings, a polypin or ‘bag in box’ is a beer container consisting of a plastic bag in a rigid cardboard box and dispensing tap. The beer is “bright” so is ready to drink straight away. If being stored we recommend a temperature of 12Celsius. Best consumed within 3 days of opening.  
  • Try a little bit of what you fancy. Choose your own selection of beers when you order or let us pick for you*
  • Stainless Steel 'Silverstone Brewery' Branded Blade Bottle Opener. Try saying that after a few Classic IPA's!
  • Podium 4.1% 500ml

    4.1% – Limited Edition Amber Ale When you have two great beers like Pit Stop and Chequered Flag, it is hard to find a beer to equal them. The solution? Brew something that combines the best of both. The sweet caramel malts of Chequered Flag with the fresh zesty hops of Pit Stop. A beer truly worthy of the top step.
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    Pilsner 5.0% 440ml

    (5.0%) Premium Craft Lager Our take on this iconic beer style combines traditional malts with New Zealand hops for a Pilsner that is both smooth and refreshing.  
  • Silverstone Pint Glass Silverstone Pint Glass
    If you're drinking the best beer, you need to drink from the best glassware. Look the part with our branded Pint Glass.
  • Night Racer 4.1% 500ml

    4.1% - Stout As dark as the night and silky smooth. Treacle, coffee and chocolate flavours combine in this easy drinking stout that performs all year round.
  • Upgrade your Advent Calendar this year with our take on this festive tradition. 24 daily compartments filled with 24 beers.  
  • The branded Leather Coaster serves as the perfect accompaniment to our Pint Glass.
  • Silverstone Pint Glass Beer Gift Set

    Gift Set

    The Gift Set contains 2 x Beers + Pint Glass + Bottle Opener + Leather Coaster.